Machinery for Hire

Welcome to the unique, VEC machinery hire service – a practical solution to short-term requirements!

When hiring can be a better option than buying:

Predictable seasonal peaks
For those extra busy few months or months running up to Christmas or Easter when you wish you had more capacity and more time!
Big one-off orders
A new customer wants a large order really quickly? An extra machine on short-term hire could be just what you need.
Special projects
Need something special or just something you don’t have for product development or new product trials?
Promotional work
For demonstrations or exhibitions.
To cover you if one of your machines is out of commission for repairs or just planned maintenance!
Just can’t decide
For when you think you need to upgrade but you’re just not sure whether it’s the right decision!

Machines Available for Hire

We have a limited number of standard range VEC machines available for short-term or long-term hire. Please note that the hire of a specific machine or model is subject to availability and our Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire as below.

If you are interested in hiring a machine, please contact us for further details and machine availability.

Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire

Rental Fee
This will be calculated as a monthly fee. Any part months will be charged as full months.
Your Hire Agreement will stipulate the number of months you have booked the machine for and may be extended subject to availability.
Purchase Option
If you decide to purchase the machine during the rental period or immediately after the rental period has ended and provided the machine has not been returned to VEC, then you will be invoiced for the full cost of the machine (including carriage charges as applicable) less an amount equal to any rent already paid up to a limit of 4 months of rent.
Delivery, Installation and Collection
If VEC is required to wooden packing, deliver and install the machine and collect it at the end of the rental period, this will be charged as extra.
Payment terms
The hire fee for the full initial duration as well as delivery and collection charges must be received by VEC before the rental period commences. If the rental period is extended, rent will be payable monthly in advance.
It will be the your responsibility to keep the machine fully insured at all times for the full list price of the machine. You must also indemnify VEC against unreasonable wear and tear or any damage caused to the machine by whatever cause whilst the machine is in your possession.
You may terminate the Hire Agreement at any time and you will only be charged for the number of months for which you have had the machine at the applicable rate for that duration.
Return of Machine
The machine should be returned to VEC having been fully cleaned, devoid of any food products, or else a cleaning charge will be levied.
Any manuals, drawings and spares must be returned intact and in good condition.
The machine must be returned to VEC or made available for collection by VEC within 3 days of the end of the rental period otherwise VEC will be entitled to invoice you for additional rent in respect of the delay.
In the event of insolvency or administration on the part of the Customer, VEC shall be entitled to enter the Customer’s premises to reclaim the machine as VEC’s property. The same will apply if any rent remains unpaid or if the Customer is in breach of any of the terms of this Agreement.
In the event of any failure on the part of the machine not caused in some way by the Customer’s actions, VEC will endeavour to repair or replace the machine within 48 hours and the Customer will be credited for an amount of rent corresponding to the period that the machine was unusable.