Fully Automatic M570

  • M570 : R404a.
  • MOC : Optional SS., MS/SS.
  • Plant Build with heavy duty  Duly painted Mild Steel Tubes.
  • Mould Pre-heater.
  • Depositor: Depositor tank build with SS304 and Aluminum head with  pistons operated by servo motors and HMI make of Schneider.
  • Vibration Section.
  • Supplied one set of Nozzle plate suitable to production.
  • Multi-Tier Cooler  with 30 TRBitzermake hermitically semi sealed compressors Eco –friendly  refrigerant R404Awith water cooled  condenser. Cooling tunnel temp around 4 to 6 degree C.
  • Automatic de moulding system.
  • Speed up to15 -20moulds / minute depends on the product.
  • Well insulated  Doors.
  • Hot Water System for Depositor
  • 357+/- 2 approx.poly carbonate moulds to fill plant.
  • 357moulds will be supplied with the Mould size: 570 x 250 x 30mm.   50 moulds extra free.
  • Cooling Time:30 minutes.
  • With center filled option.
  • Approx. 25 meters overall length.
  • Power Supply: 415 volts, 3 phase Main motor 4kw  and 0.37 kw x 2, 30kw air conditioner.