Bean to Bar Process Line

It’s mainly for the startups and small scale industries.

COCOA Bean Roaster : COCOA Bean Roaster to remove the moisture content from the cocoa beans and it enhance the cocoa aroma.After roasting, it can cools the cocoa beans.

Winnower : Winnower breaks the roasted cocoa bean hard shell and seperates shell and nibs.

Nib Grinder : Nib Grinder runs at high speed and the nibs grinded to fine paste. These paste also called cocoa liquor or cocoa mass.

Refiner Conche : Refiner Conche has inbuilt with the special grade steel liners and scrappers to grind the mix of sugar, cocoa solids, milk solids, emulsifiers and flavors into fine quality of the smooth chocolate.This Jacketed Conche well maintained with the temperature by heaters.In this Conching process, it expells the un pleasent acetic notes and improves the cocoa aroma in the chocolate. For more info  click here

Chacolate Tempering : There are semi automatic chacolate tempering machines and automatic chacolate tempering machines available.For more info click here

Cooling Table : After filling the liquid chocolate in pvc or poly corbonate moulds to be placed in cooling table racks. In cooling tunnel temperature maintained 6ºC – 8ºC. After 10 to 15 minutes the liquid chocolate will get freeze and form the mould shape product. Further this product nicely wrapped in colored aluminium foils.

The line consists of Feeding Hopper, Sheet Sizer, Cooling Tunnel, Disc Cutters, Rope Dividers and Guillotine Cutter.

Capacity 100 – 250 kg/hour