Chips Depositor


Drop depositors with horizontal outpouring pistons may be used not only as drop depositor. By changing the aluminium mould easily can be produced moulded products with filling content up to 40%.

  • Model: VEC-CD-576
  • Standard Chocolate depositor with:-
  • One standard Depositing aluminum head
  • Jacketed Chocolate Hoper inner and outer SS 304
  • Hoper built with two pots for production of different colors at a time.
  • One set of depositing plates suitable to mould size of 275X175mm of 8 X4 configuration cavities.
  • Centre filling nazzle plate with or without insertions for one depositing.
  • Out pouring Pistons 32.
  • 12 to15 strokes per minute
  • Warm water circulation system with grandfoes pump.
  • Branded pneumatic systems to operate the depositing units
  • ¼ hp geared motor for holding tank agitator
  • Operating panel board HMI Touch screen .
  • All electrics are L&T, Delta, Panasonic .
  • All pneumatics are SMC/ Festo.
  • Depositor built on Moveable Chassis.