Chocolate Enrober for the industrial enrobing of cream wafers with chocolate. Consists of chocolate tank with chocolate bath, air blower etc…

  • Enrober Chain/ Band width 1000mm
  • MOC : Optional SS.
  • 0.5mtr wire mesh infeed conveyer.
  • All contact parts are SS304 and aluminum, body mild steel duly painted poly corbonateopenable doors.
  • Enrober chain height at 900mm +/- 50mm from the ground.
  • Chocolate tank (SS) inbuilt with0.5hp mixing arm and two electric heaters each 1kw to keep hot the tank with sensor.
  • Branded 0.75kw geared motor with control drives.
  • Digital thermostats with double display.
  • Provided 4 IR heaters on top of conveyer to keep warm cabinet temperature.
  • Provided adjustable detailer.
  • Air curtain blower 2hp with variable speed drive.
  • Provided Chocolate curtain distribution system with chocolate pump driven by 2hp geared motor.